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Mr.Nizamuddin, the Proprietor of Dates India and Saliah Dates Nursery is the first and foremost person of Date Palm cultivator in South India.
It is a Dream comes true when the Desert fruit, Date palm, was being cultivated in Tamilnadu for about 2000 acres, thanks to its adaptability under drought conditions. There is vast scope for further extending the area under Date palm (Phoenix dactylifera), thanks to the presence of wasteland in abundance. This is because of the innovative effort of one farmer from Dharmapuri district some 15 years ago. Mr.S.Nizamuddin, employed in a seed processing farm in Saudi Arabia earlier, had come across so many date palm trees with rich yield.
He had returned with a pack of good quality seeds of varieties like Aguah, Makthumii, Sukkary, Kalima and Muscat to his native Krishnapuram village in Dharmapuri district and produced seedlings, under the technical guidance of Mr. Nassar, an agricultural graduate collecting field research data. Once here ,out of 100 odd saplings he had planted, a mere seven of them had survived of which 2 turned out to be male trees. However, the rest had started yielding from fifth year onwards. Now it is about 14 years old with an average yield of 150 kgs of dates per tree per year fetching about Rs 50 per kg.Innovative farmers and experts from different walks of life across the state, District Collector, State high level officers, agriculture college Scientists, agriculture college students visited the Date palm field amazed and appreciated the success of this crop.
Mr.Nassar , an agricultural graduate who is one of the Technocraft of Date Palm available in India told that the cost of cultivation for date palm will be Rs 11000 to Rs 15000 per acre having a population of 112 - 150 trees with a return of about Rs 1 - 2 lakhs from 6th year onwards, though it starts yielding from 5th year onwards with a average yield of 40 kgs per tree. Though our consumption is very less when compared to other countries, we stand in the first position of importing huge quantity of about 4 lakhs tonnes of dates every year.Resorted to go for date palm cultivation which is more than 2000 acres covered in all the parts of Tamil Nadu. The Tamil Nadu agricultural university has also planted the crop in the premises and taken the research works at 7 stations.

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Presently commercial farming is the buzzword in agriculture, but how far the fact has percolated into the farming community, remains largely doubtful, as many still stick on to conventional crops and old farming pattern. The courage to take the initiative, innovative in the cultivation of crops like Date palm requiring less water and provide more income not only to the farmers but to our nation with constructive measures like wasteland development.